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At Umeå University, everything is nearby. Our cohesive campus environment makes it easy to meet, collaborate and exchange knowledge, which promotes a dynamic and open culture where we rejoice in each other's successes.

Professor of Gender Studies

Umeå Centre for Gender Studies is recruiting a full-time Professor in Gender Studies 

Work tasks
As professor in gender studies, the successful candidate is expected to be a scientific leader which includes initiating, conducting, leading and developing research as well as supporting the research environment at Umeå Center for Gender Studies. Further, the position also involves contributing to the creation of good financial resources for research at UCGS. The successful candidate is expected to develop the research environment and collaborate with other researchers internally and externally, and develop networks both nationally and internationally. S/he should have a clear vision for strengthening the research at UCGS in both the short and long term.

The tasks associated with the position also include communicating and disseminating research findings, initiating and participating in the planning of research projects, and actively managing the work on applications for external research funding. The appointed professor will also be responsible for carrying out administrative tasks related to research and education, as well as engaging with society. The position includes teaching and supervision on undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

The location of employment is Umeå and active participation in Umeå Centre for Gender Studies activities is expected.

The formal eligibility requirements for employment as professor are specified in Chapter 4, Section 3 of the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance and the Appointments Procedure for teachers at Umeå University. In addition to the provisions therein, to be eligible for the position as professor of gender studies, the candidate must have shown academic and pedagogical competence within in the interdisciplinary field of gender studies or with specific gender competence in an individual discipline.

Assessment criteria
The assessment criteria for appointment as a professor are that the candidate must comply with the degree of the expertise required to qualify for the position. Other assessment criteria comprise administrative and leadership competence and the ability to collaborate with others. 

As regards research proficiency, equal importance will be attached to gender studies as a growing interdisciplinary field of research as to specific gender competence within a single discipline. 

Academic competence is demonstrated through independent research achievements, evidence of the ability to plan and manage research activities, projects and research groups and proven ability to attract research funding in competition. Documented national and international research collaborations, publications in prestigious journals and books and the ability to communicate and disseminate research both within the research community and with the wider society will also be taken into account. Skill in successful supervision is also important. In relation to the interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional subject of gender studies, it is of great importance that the professor has an open attitude and respect for different theoretical approaches and methods.

Pedagogical competence refers to the ability to plan, carry out and evaluate teaching, as well as supervision and examination. Teaching skills include the teacher's own pedagogical development and contribution to Umeå Centre for Gender’s educational profile, including our doctoral program. This includes participating in postgraduate educational activities such as Master’s and PhD supervision and involvement in the design and implementation of courses and seminars at the postgraduate level.

In assessing leadership competence, emphasis is placed on the ability to lead and develop our research and education environment and staff, documented experience of qualified leadership positions at the department, faculty or university level, such as director of studies, head of department or faculty board member as well as through a generally well documented ability to collaborate both nationally and internationally. Emphasis is placed on creativity, curiosity, collaboration, initiative and commitment to the development of Umeå Centre for Gender studies, as well as on an interest in the development of gender studies as a discipline and working with research policy issues.

The applicant is expected to be able to carry out leadership, administrative and pedagogical responsibilities requiring an understanding and use of both the English and Swedish languages. Accordingly, it is especially desirable that s/he should be able to communicate in Swedish and English, both written and spoken

Weighting of assessment criteria
When weighing the various assessment criteria, particular importance will be attributed to scientific ability. Importance will also be attached to the candidate’s pedagogic competence and her/his level of administrative and leadership skill. Research communication skills are accorded slightly lower weighting.

Qualification requirements and assessment criteria can be found in the Appointments Procedure for Teachers at Umeå University, here. Guidelines on how to formulate the application are given in the Faculty of Social Sciences’ instructions, here.

The recruitment process may involve an interview, trial lectures and references.

About Umeå Centre for Gender Studies
Umeå Centre for Gender Studies is one of the largest arenas for gender education and research in Sweden. It is a vibrant and creative research environment that promotes interdisciplinary meetings and collaborations and where we actively strive to meet current societal challenges through knowledge development and education.  We are a gathering place for research and education in gender research at Umeå University, responsible for creating a cohesive and powerful organization for that research. We have a growing network of national and international contacts.

UCGS aims to be a national and internationally leading centre for gender research. In addition to its research activities, UCGS also provides education in gender studies at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. Researchers from different disciplines are working at UCGS and research is conducted using a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches.

More about Umeå Centre for Gender studies,



Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment According to agreement
Salary Monthly salary
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100 %
City Umeå
County Västerbottens län
Country Sweden
Reference number AN 2.2.1-1777-19
  • Britt-Inger Keisu,, +46 90 786 59 64
Union representative
  • ST, +46 90 786 54 31
  • SEKO, +46 90 786 52 96
  • ST, +46 90 786 54 31
Published 20.Jan.2020
Last application date 15.May.2020 11:59 PM CET

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