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Umeå University is one of Sweden’s largest higher education institutions with over 37 000 students and about 4 700 employees. The University offers a diversity of high-quality education and world-leading research in several fields. And the groundbreaking discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, was made here. At Umeå University, everything is close. Our cohesive campuses make it easy to meet, work together and exchange knowledge, which promotes a dynamic and open culture.

The ongoing societal transformation and large green investments in northern Sweden create enormous opportunities and complex challenges. For Umeå University, conducting research about – and in the middle of – a society in transition is what it is all about. But also about delivering education to enable regions to expand quickly and sustainably. This is simply where the future is built.

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The Faculty of Medicine, which consists of 13 departments, is responsible for biomedical research and courses in the field of nursing and health care and has an extensive research and graduate education in more than 80 subjects.

The Department of community medicine and rehabilitation comprises six units; Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Geriatrics, Sports medicine, Rehabilitation medicine and Forensic medicine, all involved in teaching, research and collaboration with society and health care.


The duties of the position include research and development work in the field of geriatrics. The successful candidate will be expected to lead research and act as a scientific representative of their subject. This may include operational and staff responsibility. The successful candidate will also be expected to attract external research grants in competition and to fund the establishment and operation of their own research group. Duties also include teaching, supervision and examination in the subject geriatrics at first and second cycle. While this will primarily be in the Medical Programme, it may also involve teaching other programmes and course and/or related subjects or general competence for vocational education and training. The successful candidate, who will be an active researcher, will also conduct third-cycle courses and programmes in their subject area. It is the specific responsibility of professors to act as examiners for third-cycle courses and programmes. Duties also include the development of new first-, second- and third-cycle courses. Administrative tasks and departmental duties at the Faculty of Medicine are also included. It may be necessary to teach at a location other than home base. Teaching will take place in Swedish and English. 

The position is based in Umeå (but it may be necessary to work elsewhere from time to time).

The professorship is associated with an appointment as a geriatrician with Region Västerbotten, which involves clinical duties for up 13 hours per week.



A person who has demonstrated both research and teaching expertise is qualified for employment as a professor. 
The term research expertise refers to the ability to conduct independent research, to plan and lead research, and to communicate the results of that research to the surrounding community.

The term teaching expertise refers to documented experience of planning, implementing, examining and evaluating courses and programmes, as well as a reflective approach to students’ learning and one’s own role as a teacher.

To qualify for this position, the applicant must have documented ability to teach in Swedish and English. 

As the position is associated with an appointment as a geriatrician, a license to practice medicine and certificate of specialist expertise in geriatrics are prerequisites for employment, as is clinical skill. The position also requires the necessary proficiency in the Swedish language as defined by the National Board of Health and Welfare (the National Board of Health and Welfare can also certify equivalent proficiency in Norwegian or Danish).

The successful candidate will be a nationally and internationally recognised researcher who in the performance of their duties can lead research and represent their subject. Applicants must also have documented experience as a principal supervisor of doctoral students from admission through to the defence of a doctoral thesis and as an examiner at third-cycle level. Another requirement is the documented ability to obtain external research grants in competition.

To qualify for this position, the applicant must have documented experience of conducting research in the field of geriatrics.

To qualify for this position, the applicant must have documented competence in teaching the subject geriatrics.


Assessment criteria
The assessment criteria for appointment as a professor shall be the degree of the expertise required as a qualification for employment, i.e., research and teaching expertise and clinical skill. Consideration will also be given to the level of administrative and academic leadership ability.

The general assessment criteria for teachers at Umeå University are good collaborative ability and the competence and suitability otherwise required to successfully carry out the duties in question.

As much attention will be given to the assessment of teaching expertise as to the assessment of research expertise. 


Weighting of assessment criteria
For this appointment, qualifications will be weighted as follows: research expertise (3), teaching expertise (2). The following skills will also be considered: administrative skill (1), academic leadership (1) and clinical skills (1).


Description of assessment criteria
 For a detailed description of assessment criteria, please refer to the document Description of assessment criteria of applicants for the position of professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Umeå University (Ref. FS 1.1-248-19).

For this appointment, when assessing research expertise particular weight will be given to the independence, innovativeness, topicality, quality and originality of ongoing research in the field of geriatrics, as well as external funding obtained as the main applicant.

For this appointment, when assessing teaching expertise particular consideration will be given to documented experience of planning, implementing and evaluating first-, second- and third-cycle courses in geriatrics. Consideration will also be given to experience as a supervisor and examiner. For appointment as a professor, the applicant is expected to have acted as principal supervisor for at least two doctoral students who have defended their doctoral thesis.

Administrative ability may be demonstrated through experience of planning first-cycle courses and programmes, leadership and development skills and other administrative expertise.  

Academic leadership can be demonstrated through positions of trust in academia and membership of research councils.

Clinical skill can be demonstrated through clinical experience and documented good clinical competence. 


Should you have any questions regarding this position, pleas contact, Therese Eskilsson at phone number : 090-7869138, or by email:

Last day for sending you application is March 24th, 2023. Instructions for the appplication including a list of the documents to be attached to the application can be found here.

PLease send your application through our e-recruitment system, which you can access via the application button below. Once the application is received, you will receive a confirming email. 

We welcome yuor application! 

Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100 %
City Umeå
County Västerbottens län
Country Sweden
Reference number AN 2.2.1-2072-22
  • Therese Eskilsson, 090-7869138,
Union representative
  • SACO, 090-7865365
  • SEKO, 090-7865296
  • ST, 090-7865431
Published 10.Feb.2023
Last application date 24.Mar.2023 11:59 PM CET

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